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  • Flow Watcher

    Flow watcher is a device to detect and signal the water flow condition of cooling pipe.
    Please make full use of Flow Watcher for an early discovery of the cooling troubles as described below by using in combination with an appropriate optional apparatus.

    • ■Breakage of a core pin with a cooling channel
    • ■Clogging of a cooling pipe
    • ■Disconnection of a cooling tube
    • ■Breakage of a cooling tube that blocks water flow
  • Jet Cool System
    • ●Cooling of smal diameter core pins
    • ●Cooling control of areas in a die where soldering, shrinkage porosity, or pressure leakage tends to occur.
    • ●The system is provided with a high pressure cooling pump and an over-cooling prevention control circuit etc.
  • Water Flow Confirming Device

    This is a device to visually check the flow of die cooling water.

  • Cool Tube
    • ●This is a die cooling tube made of either steel or stainless steel.
    • ●For installation, both screw type and O-ring type are available.
    • ●The structure is strong against breaking or bending.
    • ●Steel tubes are zinc-coated to prevent rusting.
    • ●Many variation of hose connecting ports are available.
    • ●The head consists of different types to meet all requirements : head for 2-way channels (F type), head for 1-way channel (L type) and revolving head (K type).
  • Alpha Pin
    • ●In the parts where shrinkage of the product is big, big bending stress is generated to core pin, and pin breakage is easy to occur.
      Alpha pin is the core pin which improved the durability for the pin breakage.
  • Tie-Bar Strain Gage
    • ●This strain gage measures the stress applied to the tie bar of the die casting machine or injection molding machine.
    • ●Please use for periodic inspection of load meter of die casting machine or checking of die locking force at die-change.
  • Core Puller Booster

    This Core Puller Booster is a device to temporarily intensify the pressure of the fluid for driving the core pull cylinder for the moving core.
    The large size booster (CPB-300) may be used when it is desired to instantaneously provide high power for moving ejector pins or for a special casting process.

  • Injection Monitor
    • ●Used for injection measurements of die casting machines.
      Can also be used for machines that are not equipped with a measurement system.
    • ●Alternative measurement with an aging measuring device can be performed at a lower cost.
    • ●Can be used to set casting conditions at the time of trial casting.
    • ●Normalcy or abnormality can be evaluated during casting.
    • ●Can be used for traceability of quality records.