May 1985 Pascal Trading Co., Ltd was found.
Sales of tools and measuring instruments for die-casting machine started.
Non-life insurance agency business started.
Apr. 1993 Sales of Total Operation Monitor System (TOMS) started.
Apr. 1995 Sales of Blister Test Equipment started.
Apr. 1996 Sales of Die Cooling Equipment, Jet Cool System (JECSS), Jet Cooler started.
Sales of Injection Monitor System (IM-12) started.
Feb. 2002 Sales of Jet Cool System T-Series (JECSS-T) started.
Jun. 2002 Machine and Tool Development Division of Ahresty Corporation was transferred to Pascal Trading.
Oct. 2003 Department for sales of used die-casting machine was established.
Jul. 2004 Sales of used Die Casting Machine started.
Oversea sales department was established.
Leasing business started.
Apr. 2005 Headquarter was transferred to Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Jul. 2005 Company name changed to Ahresty Techno Service Corporation.
Oct. 2005 Sales of Water Flow Detector, Flow Watcher and Water Flow Indicator started.
Mar. 2006 Fukuoka Center was established.
Nov. 2006 Sales of Jet Cool System M-Series (JECSS-M) started
Feb. 2007 ISO9001 certification was achieved.
Dec. 2007 Non-life insurance agency and leasing business are closed.
Jan. 2008 Ahresty Techno Service Corp., CS Fuso Corp. and Tenryu Metal Industry Corp. were merged as Ahresty Techno Service Corporation.
Feb. 2008 Headquarter was transferred from Minato-ku, Tokyo to Nakano-ku, Tokyo.
Jan. 2010 Osaka Center was closed and put together with Hamamatsu Center
Fukuoka Center was transferred to Kumamoto and renamed as Kumamoto sales office.
Apr. 2010 Headquarter was transferred from Nakano-ku, Tokyo to Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka.
Nov. 2014 Sales of Jet Cool System C-Series (JECSS-C) started
Nov. 2018 Sales of Water Flow Meter, Flow Meter and regarding products started.