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My Dear Customer,
Kunio Yoshida, President
Kunio Yoshida,
Amidst the growing demand for quality control and production efficiency, finding the means to reduce inferior goods has become the lifeline for the manufacturing industry.
Ahresty Techno Service Corporation answers to the wide variety of requests made by customers through extensive knowledge based on technology that has been improved and developed from close on-site working relations with manufacturers, and products that measure up to strong customer demands.
Our corporate mission is to offer the technology and after-sale service necessary to enhance product longevity.
Not only do we focus on productivity and quality advancement, but also on solving production site problems such as the improvement of the working environment and energy saving consideration to the global environment.

We would like to become a partner on your route toward global growth.
This is the wish of Ahresty Techno Service Corporation, a group of technical experts well-versed in production know-how.


Kunio Yoshida, President

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